Slideshare – Great Place for Ideas

Hello! Sorry for the egregious delay between posts; I have been finishing up a manuscript and have been locked away with my computer, furiously writing and preparing images. The book, Presentations for Librarians, will be published in October by Chandos. In any case, it’s good to be back on the blog.

If you are in need of some fresh ideas for your slide presentations, visit Slideshare( It is a site where people can upload and share their presentations with one another.

They recently held a World’s Best Presentation Contest and there were some excellent award-winners. I particularly like the first- and second-place winners.

There are some dogs on the site as well – it has some superb examples of what a presentation should NOT be. But learning from bad examples can be just as instructive as learning from good ones.

I am always on the lookout for new ideas for presentations, and Slideshare has quickly become one of the places I look for inspiration.

Have a great weekend!



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