Design Inspiration for Your Slides

I am no artist; that’s for sure. I can draw stick figures pretty well, and have managed to draw the same doodle (a vase with some flowers) for about 20 years now, but that’s about it as far as my natural drawing talent.

But over the years, looking at design magazines has helped me hone my “design vision,” and as I look at billboards and advertisements and other magazines, I get ideas that I can then go and use in my own presentation slides.

The title cards from the trailer for the movie Inside Man, for example, use a black and blue color combination that I really liked and which could be used as a good color combination for slides. Company annual reports are also good sources for slide layout inspiration. Looking at magazines you wouldn’t normally pick up, especially ones your audience might be reading, can give you some ideas on how to lay out information on your slides.

My point is that inspiration for spectacular slides is all around you. Don’t be afraid to “open” your eyes and see what inspires you and what techniques you can adapt for your own presentations.

A new blog I stumbled upon might also provide you with some graphic inspiration:

Have a great day!



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