Color, Color, Everywhere!

Today’s post is all about color.

Color Symbolism

One way that you can subtly enhance the message of your presentation is through the judicious and intentional use of color. To promote the “feeling” of growth, for example, you might use a green color scheme, since it is representative of nature. For a more serious presentation, you might use grey or navy blue, since they are often found in offices everywhere (look around at the colors of the suits of the men working near you) and it evokes a feeling of seriousness and business confidence.

Every color carries a message; be sure the colors you use in your presentation are reinforcing the message you want to convey and not distracting from it. On my website, you will find a PDF listing some of the most common Western cultural connotations of different colors.

Selecting Harmonious Color Schemes

Do you have trouble creating color schemes? PowerPoint 2007 has many new options for selecting foolproof color schemes, and Adobe has created kuler, which is a nifty, Javascript- and Flash-based application for creating color schemes. Kuler members can download posted color schemes and upload their own for others to use. Schemes can be saved and used in the new CS3 versions of Photoshop, InDesign and the other Creative Suite products. Best of all, it’s totally free!

Good Sources of Information

For more information and resources on color, visit the following sites: (Learn more about colors and swap and share color palettes) (Awesome, Flash-based presentation on color symbolism) (Another excellent resource for color selection)

Have a great day!


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