I Love My Presentation Remote

If you are in the market for a presentation remote, I suggest Logitech’s Presenter model. It has a built-in LCD screen and timer functions to keep you on track (set a reminder for yourself at 10 minutes before your time is up), a laser pointer (sigh – don’t use it – they’re annoying), and a button that does the equivalent of the B key function when running a slide show (i.e., darkening the screen).

Its USB receiver fits neatly into a slot on the back of the remote itself, and it all fits into a nice carrying case. In informal tests in the classroom where I teach most, the range was about 30-40 feet, good enough for most small- to mid-sized presentation venues. No software installation is required, and it worked without intervention from our IT staff – a bonus.

It only works with Windows, but Mac users needn’t be jealous – they can use their Apple Remotes to control Keynote presentations.

In today’s earlier post, I raved about a presentation I attended. The only minor drawback (not their fault at all) was that the presenter needed to stay close to the podium to advance their slides – with a remote, they would have been completely untethered and free to roam about the room during the presentation.

If you’re going on multiple job interviews where you will have to present, why not invest in a presentation remote? If spending a few bucks on a remote helps you make a better impression and land the job, isn’t it worth it? Plus you can use it when you deliver presentations at conferences, workshops and in training sessions.

And if you must point at the screen, consider a telescoping pointer. They’re cheap, effective, and don’t usually annoy your audience.

Now go practice your presentation.



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