Visual Selling, by LeRoux and Corwin

Scanned an interesting book this past week: Visual Selling: Capture the Eye and the Customer Will Follow by Paul LeRoux and Peg Corwin.

I especially enjoyed reading Chapter 3, “Q&A: Thinking Visually and Verbally in Non-Pitch Situations” as it deals with a difficult topic for presenters: how to elegantly handle the Q&A portion of the presentation. It provides a wealth of details and strategies for a successful conversation with the audience post-presentation.

The recommendations found in Chapter 5, “Eliminating Decks and Delaying Handouts,” echo the multimedia principles developed by Dr. Richard Mayer on multimedia learning, and the research on cognitive load conducted by Dr. John Sweller.* While the focus is on business situations, the principles easily fit many common instructional presentation situations.

The book provides ample images demonstrating effective use of visuals and includes some sample presentation scenarios to help you more readily see how their recommendations can be incorporated into your own presentations.

Visual Selling, LeRoux and Corwin
ISBN-10: 0471793612
ISBN-13: 978-0471793618




One response to “Visual Selling, by LeRoux and Corwin

  1. We thank you for your very kind comments in mentioning our book, Visual Selling.

    You cited two of our favorite chapters. It always amazes us that presenters give so little thought to the Q&A. It’s like investing lots of attention in one’s attire for a dinner party but displaying terrible table manners.

    Also, we have always seen handouts as the silent killers of a presentation. It’s tragic because presenters think handouts will impress and aid listeners. This thinking is so deadly wrong!

    Good presenting,

    Paul and Peg

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