Presentations With Adobe Acrobat 9

Adobe just released the latest version of Acrobat, and the Pro Extended version I’m trial-ing incorporates a scaled-down version of Adobe Presenter.  If I remember correctly, Adobe bought a company that did photo-story type presentations, but darn if I can remember what the name of that product was.  In any case, I think it became this new Adobe Presenter feature in Acrobat.

I have used Acrobat Professional 8 before to create PDF slideshows.  You can save PowerPoint slides as a PDF, then add some basic wipe/fade transitions and set the PDF to open in full-screen mode – just like a slideshow.

This time around, I created a special PDF presentation of my “Three Rules for Great Presentations” using the new version of the software, and it’s pretty darn nifty.  Adobe Presenter installs as a toolbar in PowerPoint.  You can then record audio for slides, insert Flash animations and video, and then output the whole thing into a PDF file. Creating these types of PDF presentations would be perfect for posting to a conference (or your own) website to give virtual viewers a more engaging experience.

Unfortunately, viewing these Presenter files requires the latest version of Acrobat Reader (Version 9), which will be a drag until it is widely adopted.  But still, it’s got some “sizzle,” and is an interesting alternative to the the common static slide deck or regular PDF.

Three Rules for Great Presentations (Presenter Format PDF)

If you don’t have Reader 9 yet, you can see what the PDF looks like by visiting the site for Adobe Presenter 7.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!




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