Thank You!

Happy March, Everyone!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has purchased the book so far! In 2008, it has already sold over 500 copies! According to Worldcat, it’s now available in 126 OCLC libraries around the world! Farthest away is the University of Western Australia in Crawley, 10,600 miles away from Houston (how cool is that?!?!).

Also, I just found some recent reviews of the book:

Calvert, Phillip. 2008. The Electronic Library (0264-0473), 26(4): 607-608.

“I recommend this book to all information managers, wherever they might be.” (Wow! Thanks!!!)

Dunford, Helen. 2009. “Dodging Death.” Australian Library Journal, 58(1):98-99.

“Any professional required to construct and use presentations will find that the methods and recommendations in this book, and on the website, will improve their skills in providing sessions from which the audience will not only learn, but also enthusiastically enjoy the learning experience.” (Allllright!!!)

Many thanks!


3-25-09 Update:

Here’s one more I found:

Gray, Karen. 2008. Legal Information Management (ISSN:1472-6696), 8(4):303-304.

“This book is a useful practical guide to how to create and present an effective presentation…” (Super!!! Thanks!)


One response to “Thank You!

  1. Lee Andrew Hilyer

    Number on WorldCat jumped to 139 today! (3/28/09: Nope, still 126 – I think the other holdings symbols belong to vendors.)

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