Want to Improve Your Presentations? Start here.

Hi Everyone,

I had a long post going for almost a week now in response to a discussion with colleagues of the quality of presentations at a recent conference. In the end, I deleted it since it was familiar to many (conference with  lots of bad presentations) and I had no stirring calls-to-arms or universal solutions to offer.

Here’s my simple suggestion: spend a little time deliberately thinking about your presentations – what do you do well and what do you need improvement on?  Then, do a little research and see how easy it is to find tips and strategies for improving your presentations.

You can start here with this post from Joyce Valenza entitled: “PowerPoint Reform: A First Chapter.” Seriously, this is a great post – it describes efforts by high school teachers to improve their students’ presentations. It’ll be like a mental “kick in the head” for you – super simple ideas you can easily implement yourself.




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