Interesting article on the web…

Here’s an interesting article I found off my delicious list today:

Chua, Sacha. “Presentation kaizen: Seven everyday ways to become a better presenter” Posted on her blog ( on March 23rd. Here’s a snippet:

“Another good thing to do while watching bad presentations: (5) revise. If you’ve ever told yourself that you could do a better job than the person standing on the stage, prove it. Figure out their key message and restructure their presentation. Doodle new slides for them. It’s great practice because you’re working on making things better. Do this for yourself, too. Review your presentations and figure out how you can do things better.”

I like this and will consciously engage in this activity next time I’m in a bad presentation. It’ll be a better use of time than sitting there fuming.

Good presenting!



One response to “Interesting article on the web…

  1. Glad you liked it! That’s an excellent way to turn boring presentations into learning opportunities, and it helps you stay focused, too. Thanks for sharing this with your readers!

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