Presentations for Librarians: A Complete Guide to Creating Effective, Learner-Centred Presentations by Lee Andrew Hilyer, MLIS, M.Ed.
ISBN: 1-84334-303-7. 2008. Available through $69.95 Softcover; $99.95 Hardcover. More information.

“How People Learn: Human Cognitive Architecture and the Learning Process” 

This excerpt (Chapter 1) gives a detailed overview of the learning process and of human cognitive architecture. It also includes the bibliography from the book. This item cannot be redistributed without prior permission (thank you).








“Three Simple Rules for Great Presentations.” Texas Library Journal. 86(3): 87-90. Fall 2010.


Self-Guided Booklet for Three Simple Rules
Can’t make it to a workshop? Need a refresher? Read the booklet and complete the sample exercises to help you improve your presentation skills.

“Say It With Pictures”
Learn how effective pictures can be and how to use them better in your presentations.

Three Simple Rules (2009), presented at ASEE Conference.
From a talk I gave at ASEE in 2009, here is another version of the Three Simple Rules.

Three Rules for Better Presentations (Multimedia PDF)
I created this in 2008(!) using PowerPoint and Adobe Presenter. It’s a good summary of the Three Simple Rules with audio commentary and additional resources.

Poster: Three Simple Rules for Great Presentations (8X11 format)
Print out this poster and hang it up in your office to remind you of the three rules next time you prepare a presentation.


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